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"Fascinou-me toda a envolvência no que toca ao conforto, a decoração da casa pensada ao pormenor, a simpatia e atenção de todo o staff. " — Armando Silva - Braga

For your health, move!


I believe that the meaning of life is to bring meaning to our life, crossing our existence always with a thousand reasons to live happily.
More than two thousand years ago, the Romans discovered “healing waters” in Portugal. Today, there are more than fifty spas in the country, used for both therapeutic and relaxation purposes.
The prerogative of a prodigious water, the Termas do Gerês, were discovered at that time, as attested by coins found in excavations next to the thermal springs. Probably, at that time, the baths were frequented only by the Patricians who formed the Roman social elite.
In the middle of the 20th century, the concept was created that spas were an ideal destination for seniors. Currently, we associate spas with the ideal place to recover energy and relieve stress, transforming them into an increasingly popular tourist destination at any age.
The construction of hotels with excellent conditions for resetting your body and mind, drinking aromatic tea after a sauna or a relaxing massage with engaging music, was the icing on the cake.
I speak for myself! The Agrinho Suites & Spa hotel Gerês, close to the Thermal Spa, has it all and promises you relaxed, laid-back days, where you can forget about the world and all your problems. During your stay, you can also enjoy delicious delicacies in the restaurant with a breathtaking view over the Caniçada reservoir. You can end the night sipping your favorite drink in the comfort lounge, to the sound of soft music; it's time to celebrate the good things and date, date, date.
If you like the radical, you can choose to do organized activities in nature. A lot of things! boating, horse riding, jeep, fishing, canoeing, hiking and much more.
I believe that the meaning of life is to bring meaning to our lives. For all this, don't put Gerês in your imagination.
For your health, move!