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Castro de Laboreiro Breed


An unconditional friend!
No one knows what he thinks, how he thinks, what he feels, but no one doubts that he is capable of absolute affection with unconditional tests that go beyond all rationality.
But this story begins at the top, in the corner of the Peneda Gerês National Park, already very close to our Spanish neighbors. Castro de Laboreiro appears inserted in the Serra da Peneda and marked by a wild and mountainous landscape.
Since time immemorial, the inhabitants of this quiet village have been dedicated to pastoralism. It is in this economic aspect that the charming and faithful friend appears, the “castro laboreiro dog” that brings in his DNA common features to those of the place where he lives: hard, fearless, resistant, burly, but at the same time beautiful and affable.
Over the centuries, it has been a faithful company of shepherds and a fierce guardian of herds in the immensity of the top of the mountain. Accompany them and ensure a close watch over the vast area where the animals are dispersed. Always attentive, he is immediately aware of any threat, promptly detecting the presence of predators.
He really is an unconditional friend!