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"Um belo local para ser Feliz. Paradisíaco," — Susana Silva - Faro

I seem to smell it!


For health reasons or simply for socializing, many people leave home to walk. Hiking is in fashion all over the place; after all, walking is a sport for any age. Walking is a very powerful aerobic exercise that works several muscle groups and, as a result, burns calories.
I invite you to take a walk in this paradisiacal Gerês, live a different day in pure rurality, breathe the pure air of the mountains, fill the view with natural wonders of green and golden tones and listen to the murmur of the crystalline waters of countless waterfalls and idyllic lagoons .
Let's go through villages where time has stopped! Behind is the bustle of the city, the inclemency of the clock hands and the constant imposition of technology. None of that is used here! As we walk through its narrow streets it is impossible not to fall in love with its typical granite houses and the feeling of absolute peace and, when we feel, here and there, an irresistible smell of ham and smoked meat accompanied by freshly baked bread, we are left with good water.
The villages are quiet, but those who live here are not lazy. It preserves intact the true values of living in community, where living traditions that time threatens to erase resist.
Given the above, as we say, register a walk in Gerês in your agenda. Enter the soul of the Portuguese identity and venture along one of the many trails. You will lose your breath with the most exuberant landscapes in the world.