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"Um belo local para ser Feliz. Paradisíaco," — Susana Silva - Faro

Can it change your life? ...


There it is at the top symbolizing the place it occupies for millennia. A whim of geology that lives up to the silence of the mountains. Here time has stopped, perhaps to contemplate, or to realize that nothing else can be improved.
There is silence. Just be very quiet that you hear. Shiiiu. Don't say anything. Be silent and listen.
Silence that we are able to hear with our own silence. Inhale and exhale slowly, copying the turtle's movements, almost like meditation.
Meet the silence of nature, here the sound is harmonious, full of balance and harmony. Feel your life beating, with each step with each breath.
This is the message that, over approximately 320 million years, this relic conveys to us in this idyllic place, on the way to the castle of Castro de Laboreiro.
The Peneda Gerês National Park is extremely rich in ancient legends and myths that inspire customs and superstitions. To this unusual granite sculpture, an energetic force of high spirituality is attributed that attracts prosperity and awakens superior capacities, transmitted through contact with the palm of the hand.
Thousands of photographs are published on the Internet by tourists, of this and other treasures that make the wonders of the Peneda Gerês National Park known to the world.