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"Ficamos muito felizes com nossa escolha e pretendemos voltar em breve! Parabéns. " — Jorge Miranda - Aveiro

I baptize you, creature of God!


It is a magical and enigmatic place, surrounded by imposing mountains, bucolic valleys, idyllic waterfalls, dream ponds, enchanted forests, ancient sidewalks, villages lost in time and centuries-old traditions.

Built at the beginning of the 19th century on the Rabagão River, at the bottom of a steep gorge, set over the cliffs, in a truly ghostly environment, the Misarela Bridge, full of traditions and superstitions, is an old war-resistant, flooded river , and the weight of the many people and carts that crossed it, making it one of the most enigmatic places in the Peneda Gerês National Park

The old bridge, which separates Minho from Trás-os-Montes, is a daring work for the time. It may seem fragile, but in your presence, we all understand why it is also known as the 'bridge of the devil'. It looks like a work of the devil.

Being associated with various rituals representative of the region's traditional culture and Celtic heritage, it has left a trail of sagas that have reached our days over time. The two best-known myths speak to us of the devil and a fugitive to justice, and the other attributes to the bridge, and to the waters of Rabagão, miraculous properties that enable babies still in their mothers' wombs.

Legend has it that when a woman is unable to conceive or a difficult or dangerous birth is expected, she will have to cross the Ponte de Mizarela at night to be happy.

The angry noise of the waterfall in the abyss gives these scenes an impression of tetrical magic.

I baptize you creature of God, by the power of God and the Virgin Mary.
If he is a boy, it will be Gervás; if it's a girl, it will be a little lady.