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I never asked you for much, just faith; and he has placed in my life an angel of peace, who pushes me towards my best self. An angel with a smile all day, who holds me when I feel lost, who listens to me, who plants positive energy within me, who reinforces me.
Let's go to the presentation: he was born in Italy, in 480, into a family of Christian nobles. He gave up a privileged life to dedicate himself to religious reflection. He spent three years in captivity in a cave on Mount Subiaco. This is part of the life of someone we can count on in those moments when we abandon ourselves.
Those who talk to him and extend a hand to him, recognize that São Bento is a powerful protector who empties our worries and holds our faith, which makes us validate that strength as truth, which allows us to fly when we are lacking the ground.
It is this invisible force that transforms what we are into a little better, that diminishes our doubts and increases our confidence. And this infinite power that stirs and stirs our lives, transforms fear into courage, dreams into a possible reality and delusions into another reason.
Because we experience chaos and flowers every day, we only understand the miracle of Faith when we accept that the unexpected happens, because happiness is precious moments that we cannot freeze.