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Treasures hidden in time


When in 1953 the Salamonde reservoir began to fill up, the population's way of life and the landscape of Aldeia de Cabril was never the same.
The people of Cabril suffered when they saw their lands and marshes being submerged by the waters, as well as the mills, oil mills, fishing areas, wells of flax and mainly their tradition.
There remains the account of “Ti” Sebastião da Barca, who wrote some memories, of the great wells that existed in the river, of the land, of his buildings, of the ponds or walkways, so called because in winter, when the river brought more flow, he forced people to remove the sheep's punches and socks to make the transition to the other bank. It recalls the place of saladouro, where at the time of the French invasions, there were great skirmishes and a lot of human losses.
In place of the old bridge, all the poor and hutters also lived and stopped, artisans who walked from land to land making baskets and pitchers from leaf. They slept under rocks, in haystacks and others even slept at the animal court,
In place of the boat wells and the lake lived boatman Sebastião, also a miller, farmer and fisherman. One of the great figures of Cabril. This man raised many children, but he did not stop him from always having his doors open to quell hunger and thirst for those who passed by.
It was he who filled the mountain streams with trout. He was a man of great humanity and a protector of nature.
Much remains to be written about these people, with a long history and very rich in human and cultural terms.