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Treasures hidden in time


It was suffering! Land, mills, oil mills, fishing areas, flax wells and especially its tradition. Everything was submerged.
When in 1953 the Salamonde reservoir began to fill up, the way of life of the population and the landscape of Aldeia de Cabril was never the same.
The record of “Ti” Sebastião da Barca, who kept writing some memories of the large wells that existed in the river, the land, its buildings, the pondras or walkways, so called because, in winter, when the river brought more flow, forced the inhabitants to take off their woolen socks and socks in order to cross over to the other bank. He also remembers the place where, during the French invasions, there were great skirmishes and considerable human losses.
In the place of Ponte Velha lived and also stopped all the poor or cabaneiros, craftsmen who went from land to land making baskets and pitchers in leaves. They slept under the stones in the haystacks and others even slept in the animal court.
The boatman Sebastião, who was also a miller, farmer and fisherman, lived in the place of the wells on the boat and the lake. One of the great figures of Cabril. This man raised many children, but that didn't stop him from always having the doors of the house always open to quench the hunger and thirst of those who passed by. It was he who filled the mountain streams with trout. He was a man of great humanity and a protector of nature.
Much remains to be written about this people, with a long and very rich history in human and cultural terms.