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"Aqui sente-se a paz e ouve-se o silêncio que traz a mensagem que cada um precisa de ouvir. Excelente Hotel." — Sara Correia - Viseu

The magic of a village lost in time.


Brufe located on the slope of the Serra Amarela, blending in with the natural and picturesque landscape of the Peneda Gerês National Park, deserves special attention in its small, basically rural heritage, consisting of its dwellings, granaries, water mills and threshing floors in a a true granitic panorama that takes us on a journey through time, both for its genuineness and for the people who live there.
The pride of the Brufenses, together with the inhabitants of Cibões, was applied in the defense of the border area of ​​the Serra Amarela, being exempt from giving soldiers, straw and mares.
With the housing perimeter all restructured and restored and a breathtaking view over the valley of Man, it provides an unforgettable sunset.
You can do several walks here, on marked trails, and discover the history of this region.