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The Bico do Patelo, Cockpit of Gerês


Among the mountains that rise, between the soft and the inverneiras, the massif stands out whose end culminates in a huge rock in the shape of an eagle's head, known as Bico do Patelo.
There are many more rocks in which erosion has carved extravagant shapes, but none attract attention like this one that seems to want to capture the mountain air with its huge gorge.
The silence and mist that surrounds this solitary place that seems lost in the vastness of the Peneda-Gerês Natural Park, alternating heights with delightful valleys that surround small villages where we find some peasant women dressed in the style of more than half a century ago, with black scarves and clogs on the feet.
Sometimes, the bark of a Castro Laboreiro Dog alerts us to our passage. This is a Portuguese dog, large, robust and haughty, but faithful to his friends and much appreciated for herding.