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Lindoso Castle in PNP Gerês


The Peneda Gerês National Park in Portugal, not only imposing mountains, bucolic valleys, idyllic waterfalls, lagoons of dream. Here you can also breathe history through medieval bridges, unreal shrines, ancient sidewalks, villages lost in time, secular traditions and medieval castles.
The Lindoso castle is an example of its heritage wealth and one of the most important Portuguese military monuments, due to its strategic location on the course of the River Lima, next to the border with Spain, in an interior line between the Peneda and Gerês mountains, but also for the technical and stylistic novelties that its construction introduced in the panorama of medieval Portuguese military architecture.
Although its origins are still being discussed, there is little doubt that the medieval fortress that has been preserved to this day is the work of King Afonso III. Its main door, with a broken arch and facing the village, bears the monarch's shield, a propagandistic element par excellence, but also a clear indicator of the sponsorship and the historical landmark that generated it.
In the 17th century, at the same time that Portugal was fighting for the restoration of its independence, this interior section of Alto Minho was particularly important in the incursions on either side of the border, and the castle was endowed with a more complex military system. The works would be completed around 1666 (date inscribed on the lintel of one of the doors), just three years after being conquered by Spanish troops and, again, regained by the Portuguese.