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A Geira PNP Gerês - Roman Road XVIII


With the Roman conquest of this territory, solid roads that cross the mountains are torn, the first registers are scratched, the exploitation of mining resources is intensified and the first political uniformity of the region under imperial rule is accentuated.
This entire territory is, from the 1st century AD, integrated in the Roman province of Callaecia, with its capital in Bracara Augusta (current city of Braga). It is then that the Geira road, in the Gerês mountain range, is constructed, a section of the XVIII route of the Antonino Itinerary, connecting Bracara Augusta to Astúrica Augusta.
Cross the Gerês mountain range and enter Spain through Portela do Homem. The unique route, the most monumental Roman archaeological complex located in the National Park of Peneda - Gerês (PNPG), keeps its 30 km almost intact, with its bridges, walls, houses and dozens of millenary marks to mark the several miles (integrated in the PNPG are miles XXVII to XXXIV).
The characteristics of the Roman road of “Geira”, combining a solid construction with a harmonious layout, and the fact that for centuries it was the best and perhaps only route that crossed the Serra do Gerês, becoming an almost mythical route for the peoples of the region, which have been restoring it and used it practically until our century.

"I am taking revenge once again, looking at this Roman Geira and its milestones.
I am revenging myself on how many Caesars the world has given, convinced that it is enough to have sidewalks and bridges made, to record the era and name in a column, so that eternity will be on them. ”

Miguel Torga, Diary IV