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PNP Gerês. For better or worse!


All time has brought, all time has taken!
It took our childhood to bring our adolescence, it took our resistance to bring our wisdom, time took the past, but it brought our memory, time took the passion, but it brought love.
But time is like the wind, it changes its direction for good or for bad. It also takes love and brings hatred, takes abundance and brings misery, takes peace and brings war, takes health and brings disease, takes life and brings death, but in this coming and going, time he always carries “hope” with him.
I climbed the mountain to watch the mystery of time, which comes without haste, in a fragrant breeze and tells me what I want to be. For better or for worse this landscape is no longer what it was!
At the bottom of the valleys, the shredded agricultural space, now green, now brown, reflected the rhythm of crops throughout the year; going up the slopes, there were the bouças and scrub that ensured the wood, the pasture and the material for the cattle bed; here, at the highest part, the large extensions were intended for extensive grazing.
Population centers were associated with more flattened areas, with good sun exposure, close to water lines and on rocky outcrops, freeing up the most fertile soils for agricultural activity.
Today, the millenary landscape adds to the great water plans of the reservoirs, new roads and summer houses, and little agriculture has already been carried away by time.
For better or for worse, just like the landscape, our existence changes over time, not only through the occurrence of natural phenomena, but also through the way we change and will continue to change.
After all we are part of nature! True?