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Silha. Traces of the great predator


It was a structure that protected the tenements from the brown bear's appetite for honey that roamed these lands until the middle of the 17th century.
The silhas were built with granite blocks (abundant in the region), with a double wall, with walls slightly tilted outwards, with the upper row slightly out and with a height always greater than 2.8 m. Inside, arranged in small terraces and blocked by stones, the tenements were placed, circular in shape and made of cork (hence the name) and covered with a thatched roof. Some of the silhas had small doors that gave access to the interior.
The slabs, in order to favor the work and health of the bees, were always built on sunny slopes and sheltered from the wind, facing east / south, close to the water and vast expanses of scrubland formed by heather plants, composed of heather, gorse, gorse and broom.