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The Corsican in Gerês


Corço is the smallest deer in the Peneda Gerês National Park. Cousin away from the deer, he evolved over the centuries, but continued to be part of the same family. In the comic world he is known as Bambi, the little deer that made the children happy.
But, despite all its grace and beauty, Corço reveals instincts as refined as those of the wildest of animals. With an unusual visual ability, Corço is able to detect a small movement over long distances. With a very sharp ear you feel the slightest movement or the smoothest stirring of the foliage. With a nervousness unique to him, this small deer manages to disconcert the coldest and calmest of hunters.
Presenting a height at the withers that rarely exceeds 80 cm and an ease of movement provided by its tall, slender and resistant legs, the roe deer is able to hide itself in the most elementary of the vegetal coverings. For all these reasons, hunting the roe provokes a huge passion in all those who like to hunt in an ethical and rigorous way.
Their food, despite being a ruminant herbivore, mainly consists of the consumption of leguminous plants with short, wide and tender leaves, so it is easy to look for bucks in a region where they are present: just know where your favorite food is and observe, at different times of the day, the fields where they eat.
The breeding season takes place - in the temperate regions - between mid-April and the end of May (in the cold regions of northern Europe, the rut only happens in the beginning of August), but the young are not born until the beginning of the following spring. This fact is due to a very interesting phenomenon that shows us how Mother Nature protects her children: to guarantee the greatest chance of survival of the offspring, the farrowing occurs only in the beginning of spring, as this is the season when the preferred feeding is more abundant, of higher quality and richer in nutrients.
The Corço is an animal that, due to its food preferences, consumes little water, removing it almost exclusively from the food it digests, so it needs an environment with a minimum of 800mm average annual precipitation. When this does not happen, the species weakens, languishes and the animals gradually perish.
And if you suddenly hear a hoarse and strong barking that moves away, then dear friend, that means that the Roe "found" you before you realized the animal's presence. "Barking" represents not only a warning sign for peers, but also a deterrent to unknown dangers.