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The Iberian wolf in Gerês.


The Iberian wolf is a subspecies of the gray wolf that occurs in the Iberian Peninsula. Once very abundant, its current population is expected to be around 2000 individuals, of which about 300 inhabit the northern region of Portugal

The Iberian wolf lives in a pack of strong hierarchical organization. The number of animals in a pack varies between 3 to 10 individuals and is composed of a breeding pair, one or more adult or sub-adult individuals and the young of the year. The pack hunts and defends the territory in groups.
Individuals in a pack travel through a vital area that varies in size according to the characteristics of the region. In Portugal, vital areas are relatively small, between 100 and 300 km2. In search of prey, wolves can travel 20 to 40 km a day within their territory. These trips usually take place at night.
Their food is very varied, depending on the existence or not of wild prey and various types of grazing in each region. Pack life allows the wolf to hunt animals much larger than itself.
Its main prey is the wild boar, the roe deer and the deer, and the most common domestic prey are the sheep, the goat, the chicken, the horse and the cow.