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Benefits of a Relaxing Massage


It consists of a stronger massage, aiming to work and soothe the uncomfortable senses in the muscles and other body tissues. The massage uses fast movements, with a lot of pressure always in specific places that are with muscle tensions and contractures. The movements are similar to those of the Swedish massage, in which the practitioner uses the fingertips, the palm, the wrists and the elbows to apply proper pressure to the area to be treated.
It may happen that day by day we do not realize and we build up tensions, which are reflected in the body, and finally produce pain, pulling or discomfort. If they are not met on time, they may result in injury or chronification.
A decontracting massage, as the word implies, is used to relax the muscles and dissolve the spasms caused by stress, poor posture, lack of rest or an overly sedentary life.
We have to take into account something that is important and that most people are unaware of: everything that happens to us, also emotionally, has an impact on our body.
If we get used to relating what is manifesting in our body what is happening to us at that moment on an emotional level or with our attitudes, we can make the symptom alleviate sooner or not recur after a while of having it. sorted out.