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Qi Gong / Taichi Lessons in Gerês


Until the end of October, Agrinho Suites & Spa Geres Hotel offers its guests 1 hour daily Qi Gong / Taichi classes.
Qigong means "energy domain" or "energy discipline". The realm of vital breath, Qigong (Chi kung) is a millenary tradition that belongs to traditional Chinese medicine and occupies an important place along with acupuncture, massage and diet. Qigong exercises are rightly considered as an effective way to preserve health, restore emotional balance, strengthen the immune system, and enhance the vitality of the human being. In addition to exercise and therapy, Qigong is a true philosophy of life that can be applied on a daily basis. Its main goals are tranquility, the harmonization of body and spirit with everything around us, be it nature, society, individuals, in order to obtain a calm and inner peace of mind that will allow us to live happier lives. .
Classes are held in the hotel gardens. Guests can make their reservation at the reception.

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