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Benefits of Hot Stone Massage


Suitable for relaxing muscles, relieving pain and bringing well-being, hot stone massage is an integration between massage therapy and thermotherapy (heat therapy). The stones used in this massage have very specific characteristics.
Millennial therapy, already used by the Chinese, Buddhist and indigenous monks in their sacred and healing rituals. Applying the stone of appropriate size and shape, with proper pressure and manipulation by the therapist, provides the beneficial effects of this massage, triggering its therapeutic action.
The warmth, contact, and pressure of hot stone massage on the body surface trigger physical responses to muscle relaxation. In addition, the procedure is also considered anti-inflammatory, it helps to release well-being neurotransmitters in the brain, such as endorphins and encephalins, which have an analgesic effect, and serotonin, which causes well-being and happiness.
Another benefit of hot stone massage is better vasodilation, ie increased blood supply and consequent detoxification of internal organs.
It also increases cellular metabolism and soothes the nervous system. It brings relief from muscle and menstrual pain, improves circulation and problems related to the airway, tiredness, depression and anxiety.