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The cuisine of the Peneda-Gerês National Park area varies by area. In the Castro Laboreiro area, typical dishes include Castro Laboreiro Goat Meat and Ham Steaks. In the Serra do Soajo / Amarela area, there are many typical dishes, but there are the Sarrabulho Papas, the Rojões, the Portuguese Stew and Lamprey.
Regional sweets include Soft Egg Cigars and Assorted Sweets. In Barroso, typical dishes are Barroso's Stylish Stew, Barrosã Braised Veal, or Stewed in Pot, and Stuffed Trout. It is also a smokehouse and rye bread area.
The typical cheese of the Park is Queijo da Cachena, typical of the region that grazes freely in the mountains, taking advantage of the natural and abundant pastures. Their food is sometimes supplemented with food produced on farms in the region, which allows the collection of pure milk with unique characteristics.
In the region of the Peneda do Gerês National Park you can enjoy some typical delicacies of the region: the trout, the lamprey, the stew, the meat of the cachena breed, the barrosã steak, the pasta doeiro, the codfish with bread, regional smokers, the honey and the teas.
In the municipality of Terras de Bouro the typical dishes that are most relevant are the Terras de Bouro stew, the Ermida goat chanfana, the rice mince the Minho style rojões and the roast kid. Some of these dishes can only be tasted on specific dates or by order.