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The aromatic relaxation massage
Aromatherapy of modern times is applied through aromatic relaxation massage, considered a purifying treatment of the mind, body and spirit, through the five senses in harmony, with the feeling of balance and well-being throughout the body.

What is aromatherapy?

It is a natural and complementary therapeutic action of the study of medicinal and aromatic plants - plants that have as Active Principle (PA) the essential oils, that is to say, Phytotherapy - that uses the oils of plants for the treatment.

Essential Oils Mix

The essential oils are extracted from plants and distillates. Each of them has a specific function and can be applied in several ways: alone or in small recipes. Only oil has the therapeutic and relaxing function.

Benefits of aromatic massage

The massage is extremely relaxing. It provides energy balance and harmony in every way. It prevents diseases, combats fatigue, stress and acts at the level of the lymphatic system.