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There are those who avoid them because they do not get along with the heat, but the steam baths can be much more than just relaxing. See how they can promote your health

Present in some hotels is overlooked by many, but the addiction of others. And the last is that you know, because the sauna not only invigorates inside but also outside. We tell you now how to use it to enjoy its multiple benefits to the fullest. Although there are rules of use, which do not advise its use for more than 10 minutes in a row, having a sauna session regularly has proven advantages:
Improves blood circulation
The heart doubles its rhythm to pump the blood to the surface of the skin in order to cool it. A Japanese study has shown that people with heart problems improve pumping and blood flow by doing a sauna.
Power or body thermometer
The body responds best to cold temperatures or extreme heat.

Relieves some pains
First, because a warm body is less sensitive to physical maladies. Then, because during the sauna, they release endorphins, the hormones of well-being. Arthritis sufferers, for example, should have a sauna regularly.
Improves breathing
A Dutch investigation has shown that obstructive lung diseases improve during the sauna.
What to do before entering the sauna:
Rest between 15 and 30 minutes and do not enter it as soon as you finish your training session, if you do sports.
If it has been several hours since your last meal, eat carbohydrates (a wafer or a piece of fruit, for example) so you do not have a sugar drop.
Take a good shower of warm water before entering. This is a simple hygiene measure that makes the sauna more effective.
If it's those people who always have cold feet, immerse them in hot water for about five minutes before entering the sauna. This will speed up blood supply.
Cautions to take during a sauna session:
If you can, always lie down on the intermediate benches because the lower ones overload the heart and in the upper ones the temperature is higher.
Make sure the temperature of the sauna is correct (between 80 ° C and 100 ° C), so that its outside temperature does not exceed 40 ° C.
If you are still a beginner, start with five to six minute sessions, gradually increasing to 10 and 12. Do not exceed 15 minutes at all.
When you leave, sit on the bench with your feet hanging so that the circulation adapts to the upright position and then slowly rise up.
Precautions to take after the sauna:
Keep out of the sauna for a few minutes to cool the airways.
Take a shower of cold water (it's a key step that few people do), or if you can not do it with warm water. When doing so, start at the feet and go up to the navel and finally to the heart.
If you are still a beginner, your session should end here. If you are addicted, repeat the sauna-shower cycle, but do not repeat it more than three times.
The ideal frequency is one to two saunas per week, but there are those who deal best with biweekly sessions.

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