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For reasons of health or simply for socializing, there are many who leave the house for walks

The walks are fashionable a bit all over the place; after all, walking is sport for any age. Walking is a fairly powerful aerobic exercise, which means that it works on several muscle groups, and with it causes great calorie burning. A daily walk of 30 minutes keeps your defenses in good shape to fight against internal or external pathogens.
In fact, walking has always been a physical activity indicated by cardiologists to lose weight and maintain heart and mind health, reducing anxiety and stress. Some experts even believe that moderate walking not only protects from infections and diseases but also helps heal them faster and recover faster too.
The walk slims, but to have benefits you need to be persistent. That is, it is necessary to have discipline and not to abandon the regular practice of walking. For example, if you stay three days without walking, you will already feel loss of fitness. However, never forget: it is very important to stretch before and after exercise to avoid injury.

The benefits of daily walking are varied and may include:
Reduction of swelling in the legs and ankles;
Prevention of obesity and helps to lose weight;
Improvement of blood circulation;
Strengthening of all muscles of the body;
Improvement of body posture;
Decreased anxiety and stress;
Relaxation of the muscles of the neck and shoulders;
Prevention of cardiovascular complications such as strokes and hypertension.

All these benefits happen when you walk for at least two and a half hours a week and if you practice other healthy habits, such as having a healthy diet.


This can prevent health problems such as injury, dehydration, sunstroke or sunburn:
Wear comfortable shoes and light clothing;
Drink water;
Wear sunscreen, sunglasses and hat or cap;
Avoid hotter hours, such as between 11am and 2pm, and busy streets;
Do stretching exercises before and after walking, such as stretching the legs and arms, to activate circulation and prevent cramps.