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27 Reasons to visit Gerês


To visit Gerês is to discover one of the most exciting places in Portugal!
The Serra do Gerês has a unique landscape in Portugal. It seduces by its inhospitable and inaccessible aspect, visible in the enormous fragments and bare rock slopes, gorges and precipices and by the almost absence of signs of human hand!
It is the best place to take pedestrian rails. You will pass in breathtaking sites ... from huge valleys, cascades and beautiful lagoons, granite hills that shine.
It was the shepherds, through the "vezeira" who helped transform the mountainous landscape, through the construction of rails, mariolas and huts to spend the night. The time runs from May to September and is the junction of the herds of a village to be pastureados in the mountain range.
Due to its rich biodiversity, the Peneda-Gerês National Park is the only existing National Park in Portugal, and is also UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.
It is impossible to go to Gerês and not feel its "positive energy". Gerês is therapeutic, a place that revitalizes body and soul.
Ponsões das Júnias, Fafião, Ermida, Pincães or Cabril, are some of the villages that we must visit, besides a vast and rich cultural heritage (churches, chapels, granaries, etc.) you can contact with the people, who are of a hospitality typical.


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