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It's time for the heat to become human!
It's time to share this ritual with you!
From the writings that I abandoned, from the unexpected endings, from the detached love, from the wasted novels, you are the ritual that I involved and that I never abandoned. And so I go, fitting my life into my cup of tea, cold or hot, depending on my state of mind or the time of year. Then I slide on the couch, admire the ceiling and smile. I just ... smile. Without reasons, without questions, in search of nothing ...
This extremely versatile drink, is the second most consumed drink in the world and, in fact, tastes very good on several occasions. Warm or fresh, but aromatic, we almost always drink it as a ritual for its pleasant taste and we forget its innumerable benefits for our health.
The history of this drink goes back to ancient times, there to the sides of China and is associated with many legends and epidemic outbreaks, since the water would have to be boiled before being ingested.
The Peneda Gerês National Park could not fail to be the stage for some species of plants used in the preparation of medicinal teas. The best known is the Hypericão do Gerês, perhaps the only Portuguese plant with the name of a region.
The whole aerial part is used to make an infusion with a very pleasant flavor, reminiscent of dried fruits seasoned with nutmeg. Widely used in liver disease, colic and cystitis. It is an excellent diuretic. It can also be used externally for burns and bruises.
Due to its slightly sedative action, it can contribute to improving sleep. So, in this ritual, you get involved in this romantic music and you are extinguishing yourself in my arms with the candlelight ...
Let's finish the tea before you fall asleep!